Wonder woman dress!

Wonder woman play dress

I can’t believe another year flown by and it is time to sew another birthday dress. This year the little one requested a Wonder Woman party, to the surprise of no one who knows her. Every other day she wants to dress up as “Woman Woman“.

Cape and headband

Since Wonder Woman is not the easiest princess to find in store in party paraphernalia, dolls or even clothes (shout out to Cotton On Kids for their awesome little girl Wonder Woman tee), we usually go for a homemade blue tutu, red tee and crown. She even has a cape. But for her party I made her an simple A-line dress that will be perfect for every day dress up. I’m a bit of a sucker for a kid in costume.

wonder woman dressOriginally I cut out a colour-blocked version A of McCalls 4006, but it was a total potato sack on my tall, thin almost-3-year-old and not at all what I imagined. At the last minute I found a free pattern here by Climbing the Willow (thank you for the facings) in a similar style, but better cut. I cut it out of the existing dress without compromising the placement of the already finished felt applique. Phew. Much, much better.

Since I finished it she has worn it jumping on a trampoline, scootering, playing soccer, climbing, sliding, shooting water pistols and it has been comfortable the whole time. Win win.

Fabrics from Spotlight.


Flashback skinny tee Elsa dress

elsa flashback dressReopening my blog (has it been that long? eek!) with a very quick sewn project, aka what to make with two extra large tops from the Kmart clearance section: an Elsa inspired dress up for my little one. I guess we are late to jump on this bandwagon, but we have made up for that with enthusiasm!

Inspired by You and Mie’s simple elegant dress, I took Rae’s Flashback pattern, added a sweetheart bodice, gathered the sequined front of the white top as the cape and sewed it in when I joined up the back. I added a gathered skirt using the rest of the blue top and done! Simple and so fast thanks to the wonderful pattern. Also, immediately difficult to photograph, as she ran off down the (badly lit) hall signing “Let it goooooooooooooo!”. Perhaps not the most authentic looking dress, but it’s comfortably wearable and I reckon even the $80+ dresses out there can’t beat that.

Upcycled fire fighter dress-up

fire fighter dress upI love making dress ups! This little jacket was perfect for my little fireman.  Inspired by a high-viz cycling vest that was in our donate pile and a ladies jacket from the thrift shop (half price!), it came together quickly.

Let's go out girls pattern bookThe pattern is a modified little girl’s jacket (W) from one of my Japanese pattern books, Let’s Go Out Girls, bought at Kinokuniya in Sydney.

It’s swingy and big, which is great for a fire fighter on the go! Hopefully will last longer than the $2 plastic helmet we got at Kmart!