Turtle power

turtle pizzaIt’s birthday season around here so we’re spending most weekends partying as hard as 4 year olds with sugar highs can. And that means … it’s pizza turtle time!

This new TMNT craze makes me feel old. Mostly because I’m not having any of that new scary looking movie. Classic turtles all the way. So I decided to make a Classic Michelangelo costume for this TMNT-loving 4 year old. diy tmnt costumesOf course I had to make a second outfit for the birthday boy’s best mate, designated Leonardo. Because the turtles are a team! And it is no fun facing up to “Shred-Head” on your own. Also, unless there’s a request for a Kermit costume in the near future, I am not going to be using this green fleece for anything else any time soon.

Leo costume back frontI used Kwiksew K3773 in View A (extra small) as my base. I thought separates would work best so that the birthday boy could dress himself and so he doesn’t have to wear it all if he is only feeling a little bit mutant turtle. The TMNT details were very slightly modified from the shell templates at Vanilla Joy. The cuffs here look slightly wonkus because I didn’t quite have enough green to finish the legs on the second suit properly and had to patch pieces together.

Leo costumeAnd the sign of a successful gift? Two boys who refused to take off the fleece tracksuits worn over clothes on a hot Sydney spring day. Cowabunga!turtle power


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