Flashback skinny tee Elsa dress

elsa flashback dressReopening my blog (has it been that long? eek!) with a very quick sewn project, aka what to make with two extra large tops from the Kmart clearance section: an Elsa inspired dress up for my little one. I guess we are late to jump on this bandwagon, but we have made up for that with enthusiasm!

Inspired by You and Mie’s simple elegant dress, I took Rae’s Flashback pattern, added a sweetheart bodice, gathered the sequined front of the white top as the cape and sewed it in when I joined up the back. I added a gathered skirt using the rest of the blue top and done! Simple and so fast thanks to the wonderful pattern. Also, immediately difficult to photograph, as she ran off down the (badly lit) hall signing “Let it goooooooooooooo!”. Perhaps not the most authentic looking dress, but it’s comfortably wearable and I reckon even the $80+ dresses out there can’t beat that.


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