Upcycled princess dress

reading princessI’m pretty excited that my little one has entered dressing up phase! It’s all tutus, tutus, tutus around here, so it was time to make her a princess dress.

princess dress upcycleThe little white baby dress was outgrown a while back but it was made of a pretty white and silver shot cotton fabric that I thought I could reuse. I had bookmarked this free tutorial before I even had a little girl to sew for and I used it as a guide, although I did do a couple of things a little differently.

I bought $5 worth of blue fabric and traced a bodice pattern that I already had (size 3 so there’s room for my 20 month old to grow). I sewed a ribbon down the front of the bodice to match the dress Cinderella is wearing in our princess book. I unpicked the existing sleeves from the baby dress and sewed them to my new bodice. The rest of the white dress was sewn to the lining along the hem and used for the extra puffy hip pieces.

princess dressThe proportions are a little crazy because she’s a toddler and I want the dress to grow with her, but it is still so cute!

Fabric: Party satin from Lincraft.


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