Knight dress-up

knight dress-upI made a knight costume for my son’s third birthday! The tunic is from this tutorial and I love how plush and ‘royal’ it looks. The crest is a simplified version of one I found online for our surname.

Of course you can’t be a knight without a helmet, right? I started with the Oliver + S bear hat from Little things to sew (have I said how much I love that book?) and added a neck, so it is more of a hood. And because it’s hard to get the threenager to stand still for photos, here’s the helmet on its own.knight helmet If it looks big, that’s because it is! I made size 4-6 so that he doesn’t grow out of it too quickly. I winged the extra neck/shoulders section of the hood. Here’s what I cut out, although I did have to modify that again at the front to fit:

knight helmet piecesTo attach the visor I reinforced the fabric with the eyelet feature on my machine before pushing a pair of jeans buttons through so it does actually move up and down, but he prefers it up away from his face mostly. And with both tunic and hood lined with flannel, it is nice and warm for our cooler weather right now.

Fabric: Stretch velvet, flannel and satin blanket binding from Spotlight. Thrifted wool for the helmet.


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