Fast flounce hem skirt

Flounce hem skirtI can’t believe I only discovered it was skirt week the day before deadline! Actually, I’m discovering that working to a tight deadline is fairly typical of me. It was hard to choose, but I popped this into A-line because I felt that the shape worked best with that category.

I realise that a lot of the other skirts will be bright spring numbers, but since it is nearly winter here I’ve gone with dark colours. My skirt was inspired by this one by Club Monaco. We don’t have access to this label here in Australia and although the name sounds to me rather like clothes to wear on a retirees cruise holiday (nothing wrong with that, just not my usual look), they make some cute things! Unfortunately they don’t even ship here. skirt CollageTo make the skirt I traced around the top of a knit skirt I already owned for the shape and then cut the front into panels. I used this tutorial to measure and cut the circle for the flounce hem. I cut up and reused some thrifted knit fabric that I had sewn into a tunic to wear when I was pregnant with the little one, which meant there wasn’t a lot of fabric to cut my circle from. I also had to make the waistband against the grain, so I added a tab of very stretchy knit at the back so I could get it on! Looks like it needs a good iron to tame those waves too.

flounce hem action shotOf course then there’s the vital ‘is-it-too-short’ action test: somersaults with the little one. I’m happy!

Fabric: Thrifted knit fabric.


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