Ruffle bloomers and a new machine

polka dot ruffle bloomersIs there anything more squeezable than a baby with a ruffle-y bottom? So cute.

Before I get to the bloomers, I want to introduce my new baby! I feel like my sewing has suffered lately because of my machine, which was an ultra-basic Brother from a discount department store. It was functional, but noisy and I knew it had hit its limit when it started to have trouble sewing a straight line on a single layer of fabric. Since a service was nearly as much as the whole machine originally cost to buy, I dragged the family over to Hobbysew to have a look at some shiny new machines.

brother innovis 600This one came home with us. It’s a Brother Innovis-600 and it blows my socks off. Auto needle threading, thread cutting, hands-free presser foot lifting, multiple button holes, more stitches than I could ever use and if the kids are playing around my ankles I don’t even need to use a pedal! Finally I am sewing in the 21st century! I wonder what my grandmother would make of it.

I immediately whipped out a few toy-organising drawstring bags to get used to the machine and test it out, but I really wanted to test the little extra I snuck in – this ruffler. It’s a little beast of a foot and very complicated looking, but it is straightforward to use and it certainly does its job. So I made these spotty bloomers using Dana’s perfect diaper cover. Baby girl is 14 months old, but I made size 2 for extra bubble. I stitched three strips of ruffly cuteness onto the back after cutting it out and then followed the tutorial. And then I took far too many photos of that little booty. Love! Now I sort of want some in my size, ha ha!polka dot ruffle bloomers in actionFabric: Cotton polka dots from Spotlight.


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