Oliver + S bear carrier (boy version)

Oliver + S bear carrierThis is the third bear carrier I have made from Oliver+S Little Things to Sew and I love it just as much as the first two. This one is for a third birthday boy, described by his mother as very loud, busy and dirty (aren’t they all?) and his beloved bear. Surprisingly patiently modeled here by my son with a different (smaller) bear.

Oliver + S bear carrier frontIt’s made from corduroy left over from another project, which is almost teddy-like in itself. Although it was not intentional, I decided to leave the pocket askew in acknowledgment of the messy little owner.

secret horse pocketInside the pocket is a secret horse you can only see if you are wearing the carrier.

bear carrier backThe pocket lining and reverse is cut from a repurposed quilt cover given to me by a friend. I think it is a very ‘boy’ version and hope it will help to keep that precious bear out of the dirt! Happy birthday T!

Fabric: Cord from Spotlight, repurposed quilt cover lining.


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