Two-day advent calendar

felt advent calendar mainOn November 28 I found myself looking for simple chocolate-free advent calendar ideas. Very late, I know. Luckily, there are so many great examples out there!  I think I found the perfect one for our family here. It is cute to look at and it will help with learning about Christmas, numbers and days of the month, as well as developing fine motor skills and patience… I could go on! Even better, there was a sew along (here)!

Obviously I didn’t have a month to leisurely take my time making it, but my ambition got the better of me so I started cutting little squares of felt straight away.

felt advent calendar numbered pocketsI used this tree as my template because I only had small pieces of green felt. I’m a little surprised how (mostly) straight it all looks as it was done in such a hurry! But I was able to finish the main calendar and 1 ornament on 1 December. The calendar measures around 17 by 29.5 in and the tree is approximately 10.5 by 15.5 in. The squares are 2.5in.

felt advent calendar close upI’ve made a few more ornaments since and the rest will be finished as the month progresses!  I’m trying to make only ornaments appropriate for an Aussie Christmas. Any ideas?

Thanks to Brooke, Jill and Katie for the inspiration!

Fabric: Thrifted linen and muslin for the backing. Felt is a mix of wool and acrylic from my fabric stash. Dowel from Bunnings.


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