Quilted baby gilet

I thought I’d try something new to me for the end of KCWC with an out-of-season experiment that has been on my mind for months, ever since I saw this very cute April Showers gilet.

I’m a bit scared of working without a pattern of some sort, so I started with a 1988 book I had thrifted called Little clothes for little people using the ‘sleeveless bolero without ties’ pattern (with some minor adjustments as it seemed to have sleeves).This book has patterns on a grid that need to be scaled up to the size you want to use, which I have never done before. Thankfully I realised I didn’t have to rule out the grid and draw the pattern by hand – I just scanned in the page and resized the image until the grid was the right size. Phew! There is also a paragraph on making your own quilted material, with dubious instructions to add a 5cm seam allowance when using quilted material…  I chose to ignore that and cut out 2 layers of each piece from the fabric and basted one layer together with some thin padding I had in the cupboard. To put it all together I copied the reversible construction from my Sis Boom Carly Bubble Romper Pattern.

The fabric I used is actually an old pillowcase that I loved the purpley grey colour of. And as a little nod to the beautiful star fabric of the original, I freezer papered some secret stars onto the inside.

And voila! One more project off the list, even if she won’t wear it straight away. Don’t you love it when things work out?


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