Batman box for a birthday boy

This little cutie popped up on my pinterest radar lately and inspired a Batman birthday box for my nephew who is turning two.

I used this tutorial for the cape as I loved that the reverse side hides a secret Superman cape.  Anyone with toddlers knows there needs to be options! (Side note here for my brother, who is likely to get technical: I know Superman’s cape is red, but blue works better with Batman as the main side. I’m equally sure Darth Vader didn’t wear a waistcoat and pinstripe trousers like you did in your Vader costume as a child). The felt mask was a last-minute addition.

Instead of wrapping it all, I took an old jcrew box and stuck on a Batman logo with mod podge, then I packed it with the cape, mask, a store-bought Batman t-shirt, a little card I designed with gimp, and this book which introduces Batman and what he stands for. Hopefully this box will inspire imaginative play for years to come! Happy birthday Tom!


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